Business Strategy and Execution

ECI uses strategic development and implementation so every activity within an organization supports the company’s goals and positively impacts the bottom line.

Organizational Alignment: We evaluate the health of an organization by determining if it is in alignment with its strategic business goals.

Strategic Planning & Analysis: From basic, static business analysis to highly complex strategic simulations, we bring a strength to strategic planning and analysis that is highly unusual among business coaches. We provide creative business planning methods in complement with proven systems that offer organizations the visibility they need in their planning processes.

Competitive Positioning: We develop high-impact methods for determining each company’s competitive position. Our techniques often open up surprising possibilities.

Business Simulation: With significant expertise in war gaming, business simulations are often used to open up new possibilities and/or test ideas and contingencies.

Mergers and Acquisition Planning: We bring the experience, understanding, and working knowledge necessary to help lead your critical mergers and acquisition planning activities.

Organizational & Business Strategies: We develop the methodologies to help leadership teams execute a business strategy that effectively meets the goals of the organization. We help the organization achieve the following:

  • Meet change in the competitive environment
  • Deal more effectively with mergers and acquisitions, including workforce streamlining or redeployment
  • Make better use of current resources
  • Enable executives and managers to meet all the challenges of leadership or transitions

Succession Planning: We have high level expertise in succession planning in organizations of all sizes, enabling leaders to pass along their success in a smooth transition.

Strategy Development: We collaborate with your organization to plan and implement business strategies. We determine the needed changes and improvements, and build on relevant current systems to reduce or eliminate the organizational stress related to restructuring.

Strategic Analysis and Planning: We strive to eliminate variability through smart, strategic analysis practices and more creative business planning methods. We develop successful processes that help high performance leaders optimize the Human Capital resources within the organization.

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