• Organizational Alignment
  • Strategic Development
  • Human Capital Optimization
  • Strategic Analysis & Planning
  • Executive/Leadership Coaching
  • Team Building
  • Competitive Positioning


To develop an inter-company growth strategy in the increasingly competitive market for Engineering Consulting Services.


The Managing VP for the Phoenix office of DMJM+HARRIS contacted ECI to help develop a new business strategy for his region. This initial engagement led to an eight year association.


ECI designed and facilitated an annual, off-site, three day Strategy Development Workshop. Monthly workshops were also developed and conducted for the Leadership Team to work on their own development and that of the workforce.


The Phoenix office of DMJM+HARRIS became top performers among the company’s business units. Their success drove corporate management to promote the managing VP of the Phoenix office, with the additional responsibility of the Southwest Area and subsequently the entire Western Region of DMJM+HARRIS.

The leadership team, coached by ECI, was recognized both within DMJM+HARRIS and in the industry as leaders in technical and employee management performance. In addition to the steady promotion of the initiating Managing VP, the individuals originally involved in the Leadership Development sessions now hold leadership positions throughout DMJM+HARRIS.

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