Financial Advisor Client Focused Service Model

For 30+ years ECI has worked with very large corporate clients in a number of different industries. In 2008, we branched out into the Financial Services industry, working with clients on a more individual basis. We discovered that our experience and know-how in strategic planning and organizational effectiveness in these large corporations is applicable to financial service professionals and that the tool kit we built is extremely useful to them, providing quicker and more personal impact on their business. Over the past several years, we have expanded this area of business, disseminating best practices and inventing new systems specifically designed to assist our financial services clients.

For every assignment, we bring a wealth of experience across industries. We assist businesses of all sizes, from large companies with 200,000+ employees to individual advisors.


We begin the process with an assessment model which permits us to “paint a picture” of the reality as opposed to the perception. It also allows us to help the business identify what is solid and should not be changed, as well as determine the barriers, distractions, and obstacles that may be impeding efficiency and effectiveness, thereby preventing the organization from reaching its full potential.

Actionable Report

Based on the assessment, we work with the business to prepare a full report, complete with specific recommendations. Typically, those recommendations listed include “just do it” items—things the business leader can do and should do without outside help. Other recommendations may require help from a coach, and some items may require systemic change (e.g., a new CMS systems). This is the “clutter” that we have become well-known for identifying and removing. Getting rid of this clutter has made the difference between struggling teams and wildly successful teams!

Customized Plan

We provide a completely customized plan to meet the needs of the business without extra, often costly, frills. A detailed plan, complete with timelines, can be priced in whole or in phases upon your request. Special payment plans can also be negotiated.

Hands-on Implementation

We are always pleased to be a part of the implementation of all or any part of the plan. Our on-site, hands-on effectiveness has become our hallmark.  This specific approach varies according to the needs of the client. For example, we might work with the business leader alone and/or work one-on-one with each team member, or various combinations of the two.

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