Nuclear Power Organizational Effectiveness

Since 1996, ECI has been working in the Nuclear Power Industry. Within that industry, we have been involved from top down and bottom up. That is to say that we have worked with Fleet Corporate Level in major strategic restructuring, restaffing, acquisitions, and mergers. We have also worked with Plant-Level Leadership Teams and with Plant Initiatives (e.g., assisting/coaching a plant effort to eliminate $18M in annual production costs) that have been designed and executed by our team. Additionally, we have supported cultural transformations in individual groups (e.g., Quality, Security, Radiation Protection, Maintenance, I&C, Mechanical Maintenance, Facilities, and Operations). We have successfully identified and corrected root causes that resulted in Chilling Effects Letters. This flexibility/agility has enabled us to be a high level partner for each leadership team to communicate its vision and also actualize it “where the rubber meets the road.”


We begin the process with an assessment model which permits us to “paint a picture” of the reality as opposed to the perception. It also allows us to help the fleet/plant/group identify what is solid and should not be changed, as well as determine the barriers, distractions, and obstacles that may be impeding efficiency and effectiveness, thereby preventing the organization from reaching its full potential.

Actionable Report

Based on the assessment, we work with the business to prepare a full report, complete with specific recommendations. Typically, those recommendations listed include “just do it” items—things the business leader can do and should do without outside help. Other recommendations may require help from a coach, and some items may require systemic change (e.g., a new CMS systems). This is the “clutter” that we have become well-known for identifying and removing. Getting rid of this clutter has made the difference between struggling teams and wildly successful teams!

Customized Plan

We provide a completely customized plan to meet the needs of the business without extra, often costly, frills. A detailed plan, complete with timelines, can be priced in whole or in phases upon your request. Special payment plans can also be negotiated. This budget/cash flow-conscious approach eliminates nasty surprises as well as cost over-runs.

Hands-on Implementation

As each engagement is designed, we give a lot of attention to putting together just the right team for the job. We have repeatedly made unexpected pairings in order to put the best skills to the task at hand. For example, c-suite executive clients have frequently been surprised to find their own Armani-clad, executive, strategic-level coach in Carhartts and metal-toed boots having straight-talks with union welders. Our engagement teams are made up of the plant’s own staff and/or its “golden roladex” senior and highly experienced part-timers. We believe (and the clients agree) that the results indicate this assignment methodology works.


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