ECI streamlines operations to work in the most effective way possible.

Consolidation: We find ways to make the most of your organizational resources often by budgeting more effectively, eliminating wasteful practices, or simply eliminating less-productive or counter-productive functions.

Work Flow Analysis: We help organizations determine the needed changes and improvements—building on relevant, current systems—to reduce or eliminate the non-value adding work. This can mean combining jobs, splitting workloads, or a using number of other techniques to optimize workflow and effectiveness.

Clear Connections: We help organizations clearly connect the appropriate work to be done with the right and most effective way of doing that work. We help ensure that the right people are doing the work and that each person clearly understands his or her role and the impact of his or her success on the bottom line.

Tools: We have more than 40 years of experience in operational analysis and stay current through aggressive research and continuing education. That means that our clients have access not only to the proven, tried and true of experience, but the cutting edge techniques as well. Introducing new tools to individuals and teams and the general transfer of knowledge of efficient and effective operations has always been our hallmark.

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