Client Testimonials


Two of ECI’s personnel (Ellen Colemire and Anne Mueller) took on one of our most recalcitrant groups in a highly charged union environment. Through a combination of intense coaching for the supervisors and plain, straight talk with the crews, they turned the group 180º in just three months. I would not have believed it if I hadn’t seen it for myself.

Plant Manager
Nuclear Power Plant

They tackled an allegedly intractable culture issue in one of our divisions for which several other consultants had attempted various programs with no effect, other than the cost. In a matter of weeks there were obvious changes, and after six months the division’s employees themselves gave ECI top marks.

Site VP
Nuclear Power Plant


She took a look at what is in our way, found the barriers, laid out a plan, then helped us create order out of chaos.

District Manager
Financial Services

Amazingly resourceful and responsive.  We would not consider making any major change without their coaching.  They built on what we were doing well and found innovative ways to make everything work.  They’re Executive Coaches and Leadership Team Coaches … and so much more!

Manufacturing Client

She has helped with our strategy for dealing with management — making the business case on an issue with facts and figures instead of talking about fairness and equal treatment. She helped with clients as well … to manage certain boards and key executives. She has also pushed me hard at different times to do what scares me. 

Top Financial Advisor

They delivered far beyond expectations.  We learned so much and accomplished so much in such a short time.  They’re just not like other consultants.

Nuclear Power Client


They care! They actually renegotiated their contract because they discovered, once they began, that we didn’t need all that we thought we did. Turns out they were right! They were great to work with and obviously, completely trustworthy.

Family-owned Manufacturing Company
Phoenix, Arizona

I was astounded by ECI ’s level of effort, results, timeliness, flexibility, responsiveness, and effectiveness. 

Executive VP
DoE Weapons Complex Facility

Provided a fair and open process that even the people who were downsized agreed was really good. The team’s openness, professionalism, good council, and accessibility to the employees made what could have been a terrible, chaotic, and disruptive time turn out to be a very productive and positive disruptive time. These folks are great. 

HR Manager
Colorado DoE Weapons Complex Facility

Helped us to form ourselves into a leadership team to pull together a divided workforce. They were quietly effective, giving each of us more confidence in our own leadership abilities and the team as a whole the skills to “lead from the front.” The effectiveness of our communication among ourselves increased ten-fold with an enormously positive affect on the productivity of our workforce. Then, when we started using our learning to coach our subordinates, we had another jump in productivity.

Regional Managing VP
Global Engineering Consulting Firm

They were hired to help us develop a strategy statement. They did that and much more. Their methodologies involved many exercises that not only helped us achieve our objectives quickly, but also slipped in a lot of learning about teamwork and leadership. Effective and easy to work with. We have actually over-shot our “stretch” goals. 

HR Manager
City of West Palm Beach

Extraordinary balance between employee needs and management objectives. They create true “win-win” situations. 

Employee Advocate & Attorney
Washington, DC

Kept us focused and out of trouble. Allowed us to make major changes—quickly and effectively—and learn a lot in the process. 85% of ECI ’s [transformation] procedures implemented in 2004 were still in effect when I retired in 2008.

Greg Ward, President (Retired)
Crane Aerospace Group

They over-delivered. I’ve never before met a consultant who delivered more than was promised…and on time and at the promised cost. Amazing! 

Director of Operations
an INPO 1 Nuclear Power Plant

Effectively redesigned a complex, merged organization and set us up for success. 

Nuclear Power Company

Formed a very close-knit and productive alliance with the in-house HR resources. Integrated ongoing HR initiatives to provide a change and performance improvement program. We’ve never had consultants who actually helped/supported other consultants or in-house programs! 

Nuclear Power Plant

Three different venues in eight years—they worked tirelessly and effectively to make the very difficult situations have very positive results…for the companies, the management, and, most importantly, for the employees. Their leadership and council were valued by all levels of management and by the employees. Thorough and totally professional…a quick study with respect to the vagaries of the different companies and their unique situations. 

Dave Amerine
Retired Nuclear Executive 

ECI ’s program exceeded expectations.

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