The Craane Group, Merrill Lynch


  • Strategic Analysis & Planning
  • Re-staffing/Resource Redeployment
  • Performance Optimization
  • Integrated Business Coaching


To enable focus on the team’s clients even in the midst of major issues and reversals in the financial world.


In the fall of 2008, there was a melt down on Wall Street. The Craane Group serves many large institutions, foundations, and high net worth individuals who were directly impacted almost on an hourly basis. The focus for the partners had to be on communicating with and assisting their clients. Their large team needed to be working at maximum effectiveness to keep up with all of the activity while maintaining their “white glove” service and zero tolerance for trading and transaction errors. In reality, the staff was almost paralyzed. Neither of the partners had the time (or experience) to deal with such issues, especially when their time and talents were needed for client calls and visits.


ECI’s first 48 hours on site resulted in an accurate assessment of the organization and its operational issues. Subsequent days on site (over the next several weeks) resulted in:

  • The organizational realignment around defined roles and responsibilities
  • The establishment of performance parameters
  • Clarity of the mission
  • Strategic direction

With ECI’s coaching, the Craane Group managed the critical months at the end of 2008 with the calm and assurance and financial savvy that was needed by their clients. 2009 was their best year ever…until 2010…and then 2011. ECI, as a coach and strategic partner, worked with the financial advisors, the staff as a team, and individuals to enhance performance at all levels.

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